This is a special program comprising 3-6 sessions to help you quit smoking using hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy has proven to be the most effective approach for people who want to stop smoking but need support to follow through.
The program will take between 3 and 6 sessions depending on each individual’s response, and you as a client can stop the program at any moment with no financial consequences.
You will only pay for the sessions you attend, at my normal rate of 80 euros an hour.
I will also give you the opportunity to record the hypnotherapy sessions so you can listen at home to the suggestions to increase their power.
It is also possible to use these recordings in the future if new stressors tempt you to return to smoking.
The hypnotherapy sessions will be preceded by a fact-finding/counselling session where we explore together the function smoking fulfils in your life at present and how to replace smoking with other, healthier support systems to achieve the same result.
Just white-knuckling it will not suffice to overcome your addiction in the long term.
Smoking needs to become superfluous to your life.
We will also look at any emotional resistance to giving up this habit.
Once we have dealt with any obstacles that could interfere with the hypnotic suggestions, then we are ready in the second session to proceed with the trance work.
During the hypnotic trances, your subconscious will be given suggestions that should help you free yourself from your addiction forever.
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