Stop Smoking

This is a special no cure-no pay programme to stop smoking using hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has proven to be the most effective approach for people who want to stop smoking but need support to follow through. I believe so strongly in the efficacy...

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Because you don’t have any emotional issues or childhood issues getting in your way and you would like instead a strength -based approach that focuses on solving problems in the here and now. Coaching helps you to access your talents and...

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Body-based therapy

Because no therapy is complete if it separates mind from body. In body-based therapy, attention is given to the link between physical stress and the emotional or mental issues that may be causing this stress and maintaining it in the body. As a...

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Because the rational mind cannot solve all our problems for us, in fact, sometimes the rational mind creates the problem by becoming neurotic, worrying excessively, becoming too controlling, stubborn or resistant to healthy change and inner...

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Because the ‘ talking cure’ has been proven to help greatly in  the release of behaviours and thought patterns that undermine ourselves , our work and relationships with others. The most basic technique  in psychotherapy  is the art of active and...

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