Because the ‘ talking cure’ has been proven to help greatly in  the release of behaviours and thought patterns that undermine ourselves , our work and relationships with others.

The most basic technique  in psychotherapy  is the art of active and supportive listening.

Active listening means truly hearing what you as a client are telling me and then asking open questions that help you to deepen your insight into your feelings and motives and gain clarity on how an unwanted situation has unfolded in your life.

Looking inside for answers to these questions will help you to understand yourself better and what your unfulfilled needs are in the situation as well as discovering how you can start to make positive changes in your relationship with yourself and with significant others.

Supporting you means not judging anything you as my client tell me about yourself but accepting you completely as you are, while having total confidence in your ability to grow and transform and make the right choices for you.

Besides listening and supporting, it is also at timess helpful to use psychtherapeutic interventions to get to the root of the issue and gain insight into the unconscious motivations behind unhealthy patterns of behaviour or blocked emotions. Once we bring the denied and ignored parts of ourselves out of the shadow, we can integrate these parts and become a whole person again.

The techniques and interventions I might use with a client in psychotherapy include: Rogerian Counselling, the Egan Method, NLP, Inner Child Work, The Healing Journey, Gestalt, Regression, Solution-based Psychotherapy and RET.

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