Because you don’t have any emotional issues or childhood issues getting in your way and you would like instead a strength -based approach that focuses on solving problems in the here and now. Coaching helps you to access your talents and strengths, gain insight and build skills and confidence, leading to more success and fulfilment in work and relationships. Coaching can help you improve your sense of confidence and well-being while staying very practical and goal-oriented. You review your current situation and take a complete look at your current life and changes you would like to make. You learn to set realistic goals for yourself both professionally and personally and then make an action plan to achieve those goals. In the coaching sessions you wil continue to reflect on your new actions and approach and fine-tune things to keep you on the right track. How does coaching differ from therapy? Coaching is focused on the future and how to get to where we want to be. We don’t delve into the past or look at family background or childhood traumas. We work with the conscious mind in a coaching session, while therapy works with the unconscious mind as well. Therapy is open-ended while coaching is time-limited with specific ,desired outcomes that can be measured. Coaching is practical and focuses on behavioural changes, while therapy focuses more on our emotions and attaining emotional balance. You could say that coaching is more concrete but also stays more on the surface of things. If you feel your problem lies deeper,then therapy wil be more suited to your needs.

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