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Hello, I am Sinead Daly, an integrative therapist from Ireland with my own practice on the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam. I have many years experience in supporting people in attaining mental, emotional and physical health. I started out as a yoga teacher in the 1990’s, specialising in revalidation and stress-related symptoms. In 1997 I completed a four year course in integrative massage therapy and set up a practice in body-based therapy. After some years I noticed that , while body-based therapy is a wonderful way to release blocked emotions and stress, a lot of my clients also needed support in giving those emotions a place in their life. To offer them a more complete treatment, I then did a course at the ACC in coaching and counselling. However, this course did not go deep enough for me so I followed it up with a three year course in Integrative Psychotherapy at BGL and Partners, a private institute in psychotherapy. I graduated in 2011 and have been practicing as an integrative therapist ever since.
Integrative therapy taught me a variety of interventions from different disciplines in therapy and counselling that I can use in different situations. Some clients benefit most from Rogerian counselling, some clients respond very well to hypnotherapy and others to inner child work , regression or Gestalt. I can use a combination of techniques to give each client a unique treatment tailor-made to their needs. I work a lot with expats because, as an immigrant myself, I understand the themes and problems expats can struggle with as they adapt to life in a new country.
I am also very experienced in treatiing psycho-somatic problems, where stress and anxiety are experienced as physical symptoms. I have successfully helped a lot of people suffeirng from burn-out and I have supported people in their grieving process after the death of a partner or close family member. People who want to focus on solution-based coaching can also find a good partner in me, as I enjoy practical coaching to achieve specific goals, while eliminating the inner and outer blocks to achieving those goals. Working with people and supporting them in their growth and ddevelopment is my passion in life and I consider myself very fortunate to have made my passion my profession.

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Because the ‘ talking cure’ has been proven to help greatly in  the release of behaviours and thought patterns that undermine ourselves , our work...

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Because the rational mind cannot solve all our problems for us, in fact, sometimes the rational mind creates the problem by becoming neurotic...

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Body-based therapy

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Stop Smoking

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My experience

Diploma Massage Therapy
Diploma Yoga Instructor
Body-focused Therapy
Diploma Coaching
Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy
Practice Healthy Choices
In the 1990’s I focused on body-based therapy.
After getting my yoga and massage diplomas
in 1998 I set up my own practice in massage
therapy and revalidation yoga.In 2007 I added
emotional and mental health to my practice,
giving counselling and coaching sessions to
my clients and in 2011I became an integrative
psychotherapist, using a variety of approaches
from different schools of therapy to help clients
with their individual therapy needs.

What I do


  • Psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Body-based therapy
  • Stop Smoking

My newest blogs

The Happy- Nazis
The Happy- Nazis

Someone recently sent me a link to scientific experiments ‘proving’ that certain behaviours and attitudes increase happiness. I don’t object to us doing anything we can to increase happiness as such, but I do mind the Happiness Dogma. The pressure to be in a constant state of...

Addiction as an expression of Trauma ….contemplating the work of Gabor Mate.
Addiction as an expression of Trauma ….contemplating the work of Gabor Mate.

I have recently been studying the work of the physician and psychiatrist Gabor Mate and his interpetation of addiction as the adult’s way of dealing with childhood trauma.To redefine addiction as a coping method to deal with childhood trauma in 100% of cases is quite a radical position to take...

My practice

I came to Sinead suffering from burn-out symptoms. With the support and therapy she gave me I was to learn how to fully embrace living authentically and the importance of self-love. The journey to living authentically was made I na very safe, respectfu land comfortable environment together with Sinead. I learned to confront the failure, anger, shame and doubt I was feeling and to use that as a vehicle to begin my jounrey to recovery. “

Fran A, Senior global Buyer

Sinead treated me for high blood pressure and headaches that I had for eight years since a car accident resulting in whiplash complaints. Two sessions of hypnotic sessions did what two general practitioners and two specialists with five medications were not able to do. She got rid of the problem. Thanks Sinead. I hope you will be able to help lots more clients

Clement F, Recruiter and Manager

" I have been having Psychotherapy with Sinead for over over two years and she has been immensely helpful to me. When I first came to Sinead I was enmeshed in some very difficult and toxic situations; in my workplace, living situation and relationships, I was lost and feeling extremely overwhelmed by the challenges in my life. Sinead is very warm, empathetic and deeply intuitive.Very quickly I felt that she understood me, and understood the depth and
complexity of my challenges. Sinead and has helped me to create the space necessary to resolve some deep issues which have haunted me for years, and I feel very lucky to have her support in this process. Sinead is extremely understanding, creative, inventive and compassionate in her approach and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a psychotherapist.

Claire, NGO sector employee, expat

Sinéad Daly is a great and gentle therapist. She is very skilled and thorough in her work, challenging her clients to face their issues yet very sensitive in her approach.

Pepper S., owner Best Body Spa, Amsterdam / Haarlem

Many of my patients don't see the connection between social, physical and mental problems,so I send them to Heathy Choices. Sinéad Daly is excellent in her work and seems to always go straight to the source of the problem with her clients. Her skill at restoring balance to body and mind is combined with a warm, open and empathic manner.

Bas V., doctor, Amsterdam

I came to Sinead for help, following some severe panic attacks I suddenly started experiencing during public speaking in work. Through hypnotherapy and counselling, Sinead was able to both identify the root cause of my panic attacks, helping me to understand where they came from, and also stop them from happening. Sinead did hypnotherapy sessions with me, where I also recorded them and listened to them in between sessions, helping me to stop going into a panic response when speaking in public. I had a big conference several weeks after seeing her, I felt completely calm and it went really well. I would highly recommend Sinead as both a counsellor and hypnotherapist.

Aoife D., Manager

Sinéad Daly gave me some deep insights into my issues. Sinéad combines a deep respect for her client as an individual with the capacity to stimulate you to take the next step in your self-development. She is very sharp in her insights and analyses but this is always coupled with compassion and patience.

Natalie D., manager, Amsterdam

Sinéad is a fantastic therapist. I found her very gifted in her profession and she has a very warm and non-judgmental approach. I came to her for counselling because I had serious problems in my job. Sinéad helped me a lot with gaining insight into these problems and helped me resolve some of them. Sinéad used different techniques with me including hypnotherapy, NLP and Gestalt. I found her very good at combining elements from different approaches to give me a series of therapy sessions that were uniquely suited to my personal situation.

Maya K., computer analyst, Amsterdam
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