Because no therapy is complete if it separates mind from body.

In body-based therapy, attention is given to the link between physical stress and the emotional or mental issues that may be causing this stress and maintaining it in the body.

As a client you lie on the table and, through breathing and awareness exercises, you locate the tension, blocks or stress in your own body. While I make contact with that part of your body or massage it, I will ask you to focus completely on this area and let it communicate with you. Often insights will pop into your mind.

You will become aware of the relationship between the physical symptom and what is going on in the rest of your life.

By learning to truly listen to your body while breathing into the pain or discomfort, you will often feel a shift occur.

It is not uncommon for trapped emotions to be released during a session, or for you to sense your deeper needs and see how you might have been ignoring them.

Your body-awareness becomes more refined and you may notice very subtle signs that you are going out of balance, so you can intervene before symptoms develop in the future.

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